Writers Resources

Writers Resources

These devotions are excellent examples of Christ-Centered writing. Read them to grow spiritually and see what we're talking about!

Hope Through Epilepsy
This devotion is excellent at drawing you to feel compassion and concern yet it overwhelmingly draws you to Christ. The prevailing message is not this woman's story but the grace and love of God through her life.
This is another touching devotion that is warming and points to Christ.

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Christ Centered Writing     
What does that mean?
The central message of the Bible is Jesus as Savior.
The law shows us that we need a Savior from sin and the gospel shows us the Son of God who died to pay for our sins.

How is that different?
People sometimes jump to resources that talk about how we can live for Christ and serve Him in His Kingdom.  However, if the main focus of a bible study or devotion is what we do for Christ, we've missed the main message of Scripture, which is what God has done for us in Christ - the proper motivation for our responses of love!

True Christ-centered materials bring the message of the Savior and its comfort of sins forgiven in Christ. Joy from the good news of the gospel will produce fruits of faith. In that spirit, God's Word teaches us how to reflect His love and live in grace.