Heirs Together

Heirs Together
Heirs Together
by Rich Gurgel and Kathie Wendland

Available for purchase at Northwestern Publishing House

Do you have questions about how the LORD wants you to serve in his church?

Do you have questions about what the LORD made you to do as a woman in his church and in this world?

Do you wonder what "headship" is really about?

Do you know how to use your gifts to the fullest and yet also honor and respect headship as part of God's design for his church and people?

Do you see headship as a burden or a blessing as you strive to serve the LORD with your words, actions, and life?

You're not alone. Those of us on the Women's Ministry Committee have had some or all of the questions you may have. After more than a year of Bible study with pastors, seminary professors and laywomen, we were delighted to find that God answered all of those questions himself in Scripture. The WMC felt the need to let God answer those questions himself for you too. Therefore a Bible study was written by that committee entitled, "Heirs Together of God's Gracious Gift of Life." We encourage you to work through our foundational Bible study, Heirs Together, for an in-depth look at the beauty of God’s design.

This bible study begins with an emphasis on the shared blessings and responsibilities men and women have in serving Christ. The lessons provide opportunities for men and women to discuss what Scripture says about their interdependence and the unique applications of unchanging principles for different ministry settings.

There are 11 Lessons in the book, each has 2 parts. The topics in the first half of the study are: Equality in God's Image; Equality in Sin and Salvation; Our Shared Mission as Royal Priests of God; The Spiritual Gifts God Gives both to Men and Women. The second half of the study looks at our unique callings as male and female by defining head, helper and calling, and then applying these relationships in marriage, church and the unbelieving world.